Nutrition Recommendations During the Follicular Phase

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It is important to know what to eat at different phases of the menstruation cycle in order to provide your body with all the necessary nutrition. 

You might feel hungry due to the active metabolic processes that start in your body due to the effect of estrogen. That's why your nutrition should be sufficient enough in relation to your energy use. During this phase, the body is more susceptible to insulin and absorbs carbohydrates well. 

Avoid consuming too many sweets but have calcium by consuming fermented dairy products.

You should not neglect fats, both vegetable and animal, as they actively participate in the synthesis of hormones. The polyunsaturated varieties, such as omega 3, are particularly healthy. They can be obtained from nuts and avocados. It's recommended to avoid trans fats and fried food during the follicular phase. 



Reviewed by Medical expert Lilit Nasibyan, MD

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