"No Man Wants To Date Me. What Should I Do?" Useful Tips From An Expert

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Many women are concerned with this problem. Some of them even turn to psychologists for advice. So what should you do if you are a smart, beautiful woman, successful in her career and life, but men still don't long for your company? Very often, women unwillingly create an invisible barrier around themselves. Because of this barrier, men tend to avoid taking the first step. We will now discuss the two most common situations and try to find the best ways to solve them.

"I never go places where I could meet a decent man."

Leading a closed-off lifestyle, working in a team of women or at home and the unwillingness to leave one's comfort zone are the most common factors that greatly reduce the likelihood of meeting a suitable candidate. In this case, a woman can easily solve the problem by raising her own social activity level.

1. Go out more often

If you really want to meet interesting men, it's time you change the way you plan your leisure time. Start going places where you can actually meet men. You could start attending exhibitions, concerts, and different cafes and clubs. Don't forget that if you are dreaming of winning the lottery, you need to buy lottery tickets at least once in a while.

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2. A single female friend

Perhaps all women have female friends who are also single and would not mind finding a boyfriend and changing their life. You could possibly attend various interesting events with her. You both will make new acquaintances and maybe find your other halves. Moreover, double dates are surely more fun and interesting.

3. Take a look around

Don't forget that there are decent men among your colleagues and neighbors too. Due to the modern rhythm of life, many people prefer to make new friends on social networks when, in fact, they are closer to each other than they think. Let's recall the magnificent Soviet-era movie ''Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears'', where the main character Liya Akhedzhakova said that a man and a woman who lived on different floors of the same house found their happiness only through a club.

4. A new hobby

Common hobbies are able to bring people together. Think about what could be interesting to you and your potential partner. It could be driving courses, foreign languages, dancing, or anything that would bring you joy and open up new opportunities.

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5. Dating websites

Don't be afraid of turning to this kind of resource. If you can find a reliable platform where you can make new acquaintances, go ahead and try it! If you eventually open an account on a dating website, make sure you use and promote your page wisely to have success. Be careful when filling out questionnaires and uploading personal data or photos.

6. Social networks

Even if you are an introvert and don't love being around people all the time, you can still be socially active on social networks. Take a look at popular pages and think of how to make your own page interesting to the opposite sex. Join various communities, take part in discussions and show your erudition, exquisite sense of humor and skills of intellectual communication. According to the observations of psychologists and sociologists, the number of couples who meet on social networks is constantly growing.

''I often go to public places but nobody asks me out for a date.''

Sometimes even women who lead an active lifestyle and have various hobbies are not so popular with men. In this case, you need to pay attention to the following 3 aspects.

1. Behavior

Most importantly, you need to analyze your behavior in public places, in particular, your manners and speech. No matter how beautiful a girl is, if she is sitting in a cafe ''immersed'' in her cell phone, laptop, or is busy listening to music with her earphones on, no man will dare to disturb her. Such behavior makes people assume that the person isn't interested in new acquaintances and is busy with her own affairs.

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2. The opinion of male friends

For sure, every beautiful lady has male friends who can probably help her find answers to some of the questions she is concerned about. Try asking any of your male friends the following question: "Why don't men want to date me?'' Be ready for any answer - it may be very honest and even a bit disappointing. You definitely need to review your behavior. Maybe you seem too serious or arrogant. Analyze your male friends' opinions and work on yourself. Nevertheless, you should still keep in mind that your friends' and colleagues' opinions are not always the most truthful. You are the only person who decides whether you should change yourself or not.

3. Self-evaluation

Sometimes excessive demandingness and dissatisfaction with oneself is the main reason for failures in relations with the opposite sex. It's hard to please someone else if you do not feel sympathy for yourself. A woman who is in harmony with herself creates a positive atmosphere and emotions around herself. This is how she becomes attractive to other people.

Do you like yourself? If your honest answer is negative, you'd better follow the following tips.

-analyze the possible causes of dissatisfaction with yourself;
-consult a psychologist or a psychotherapist;
-work on yourself, take care of your appearance, acquire new skills and knowledge;
-limit the powers of your inner ''prosecutor'' and give freedom to action;
-take care of your needs;
-make your life brighter, add new colors to it, do something you've never done.
-change your image, travel, find a new hobby.

If you please and pamper yourself once in a while, you will enjoy the results very soon. Even if you are not very popular with men at the moment, keep working on yourself. We bet your ''updated version'' will be a harmonious, self-confident and attractive woman who will soon find her ideal man!

Source: practical psychologist, gestalt therapist, family counselor Elina Rosina

The material in this article is for informational purposes only. The editorial board does not guarantee any results and does not recommend that the reader rely fully on the information provided above.

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