My Breasts Bother Me: What Should I Do?

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Every month we girls experience so many changes with our breasts. Sometimes they swell, hurt, or are sore or heavy, and this happens for many reasons. 

Also known as mastalgia, breast pain is a common condition among women of all ages and it can be either cyclical (linked to your menstrual cycle) or non-cyclical. Breast pain usually occurs during your period because hormones trigger changes in breast tissue that can lead to pain, sensitivity or discomfort. Changes in hormonal levels during puberty or menopause can also be linked to cyclical mastalgia. 

Some other (non-cyclical) reasons for mastalgia are mastitis, injuries, breastfeeding after childbirth, fibroids, cysts or even cancer. 

In any case, if your breast pain bothers you, get it checked out with your doctor. 




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