Is breast skin redness a sign of cancer?

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Although a red rash on the breasts is usually a symptom of a noncancerous condition, it can sometimes be an early sign of breast cancer and should be closely monitored. 

Breast skin redness can signal some serious problems such as mastitis, inflammatory breast cancer, Paget’s disease, breast abscess, and mammary duct ectasia. That’s why you should see your healthcare provider immediately if you spot breast skin redness accompanied by any of the following: 


Symptoms accompanying red breast skin when it is likely to be cancer:


In the United States, IBC accounts for only around 2−4 percent of breast cancer cases.

At the same time, breast skin redness does not necessarily mean cancer. It can be caused by such health issues as


Remember to carry out breast self exams every month after the end of your period (the 7-11th days of your cycle). You can set a reminder in the MIA app. 

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