I had unprotected sex - What should I do?

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Unprotected sex happens to every woman at least once in her lifetime. Sexual intercourse without any birth control involves a number of risks to your health. We’re going to quickly look into the matter and provide you with simple solutions in case you’ve had unprotected sex.


School-aged women (15-17) in the USA:

College-age women in the USA:


Women in long-term or short-term relationships:


The ladies who didn’t use contraception during sex said it was so because:


Unprotected sex is only OK when you have one partner, no STDs, and you’re trying for a baby. Otherwise the direct consequences of unprotected sex may be:


Sexually transmitted infections and diseases

There are quite a lot of STIs such as AIDS (it is non-curable), HPV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital warts, and much more. The only birth control method that is able to protect from STIs is a condom. If you have had unsafe sex and suspect this might be the case, get checked at the nearest clinic ASAP.


Unplanned pregnancy

It doesn't matter if you’re on your period, or any other day of the cycle,  or whether it's your first time, there is still a risk of unwanted pregnancy in the case of unsafe sex. You can take emergency contraception right after the intercourse, buy a pregnancy test, and see your healthcare provider.


If you don’t have a reliable partner, have multiple partners, or are trying to avoid pregnancy, you should also avoid unprotected sex.



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