I Got My Period Early. What Does It Mean?

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Every woman is unique, and so is her menstrual cycle. It usually lasts between 21-35 days and might not always come like clockwork due to many factors. Menstrual irregularities happen to 14-25% of ladies of childbearing age. 

The causes for slight irregularities often depend on age. Teens’ menstrual cycles are irregular until they become established. Ladies approaching menopause might also experience irregular cycles because of hormone fluctuations. Even if you have an established monthly cycle, some women of childbearing age might have slight fluctuations, which is not a reason for concern. Mid-period ovulation symptoms also often involve slight bloody spotting. 

Remember to log all your data in the MIA app to keep track of your menstruation and ovulation, as well as your well-being throughout your monthly cycle. It will help you learn more about yourself. 

If you repeatedly notice that your cycle lasts less than 21 days, it could signal a health issue, so check with your GP.  



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