How to Get Rid of Nasty PMS: 7 Yummy Secrets

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According to different data, between 75 and 85% of all women experience PMS. Various symptoms of PMS begin several days prior to menstruation and cause many discomforts. In some cases, the symptoms of PMS can significantly worsen the quality of life, interfere with social communications, and make physical activity impossible. Nutrition is one of the factors that can tame them. 

Doctors recommend excluding the following products from your diet during PMS:

  1. Salty products  
  2. Sugar-containing products 
  3. Artificial sweeteners  
  4. Fatty, high-calorie food  
  5. Alcohol.
  6. Coffee  
  7. Too much chocolate  

To fight PMS symptoms try eating more frequently but in smaller quantities. In total, you should consume 400 kcal calories less a day during the second phase of your menstrual cycle.


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