How masturbation during your period affects your health

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Is it true that you cannot masturbate during your period? Can solo sex during my menses lead to dangerous diseases?

All these and many other questions may arise once in a while. Some well-known beliefs about masturbation are science-backed, while others have no underlying medical evidence. 


Masturbation during menstruation may help ease menstrual cramps.

Natural chemicals such as dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin are released during an orgasm, making us feel happy, flushed, warm, or sleepy, says Brown University Health Promotion. When they enter the bloodstream, these chemicals can induce pain-relieving sensations.

Relieve menstrual migraines

A finding, published in the March issue of the journal Cephalalgia, found that sexual activity relieved the pain of migraines or cluster headaches, severe, one-sided recurring head pains, for up to a third of patients. Some of the patients even reported using sex as a kind of headache therapy. The researchers aren't sure why this happens but hypothesize that the rush of endorphins, the brain's natural painkillers, during sex may numb the pain of migraine

No need for lubrication on ‘those days’, as the blood acts as a natural lubricant. 


Solo sex during menstruation may lead to inflammation if you don’t follow basic good hygiene rules. During menstrual bleeding, your reproductive organs are more open and thus susceptible to infections and bacteria. 

Some discomfort

An additional inconvenience is that more vaginal discharge (blood) may cause discomfort. If you’re feeling embarrassed because of seeing all the blood, don’t remove tampons or menstrual cups during masturbation. 

Women with medium or heavy discharge may find masturbation uncomfortable. 

Masturbation during your period is a personal choice for every woman. Remember that the main two things here are your well-being and good health. 

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