How many calories do you burn doing housekeeping?

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Surprise! Doing chores at home can be equalled to a mini-workout at the gym. Isn’t that amazing? Hitting the gym and then doing stuff at home could turn out to be a brilliant combination for you to stay fit. 

Here’s an average estimated rate of calorie burn for household chores. Keep in mind that you won’t do each activity for one hour. 

People with more body weight burn more calories.  

The longer you work, the more calories you burn. 

The harder you work, the more calories you burn.  


Some activities are more vigorous than others. For example, by washing dishes for 30 minutes, you would burn approximately 77 calories. If you were to mop the floors for 30 minutes, you would burn approximately 153 calories.

If you plan to work on your muscles, strength or your weight, just cleaning your home won’t be enough. Housekeeping is great as an additional activity, just like walking, to keep you moving. 


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