How Long Will It Take Me to Get Pregnant After Taking Birth Control Pills?

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If you’ve been using oral contraceptives for birth control and you’re ready to get pregnant, when should you start trying?

Let’s remind you how oral contraceptives actually work - they use the hormones progestin and/or estrogen to prevent your body ovulating that is from releasing an egg that is supposed to be fertilized by sperm.


However, once you decide to stop taking your oral contraceptive, the hormone will disappear from your body within a few days.

Doctors recommend that before trying for a baby, you should first complete your current cycle and wait for your first normal period to come after you stop taking the pills. It’s important to note that after you stop taking the pills, your body should start producing hormones on its own. It’s here where things vary from woman to woman. Some women may start to ovulate right after their first normal cycle, while others may need a few months. In general, your body should be ready for conception within 2-3 months after stopping the pill.  


According to a study, 72 to 94% of women get pregnant within a year of stopping taking birth control pills. This rate actually equals the rate of other birth control methods that women use.


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