Ectopic Pregnancy: Does It Always Mean Surgery?

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Although ectopic pregnancy is associated with surgeries, this is not always the only treatment. Your doctor will make a final decision on treatment after a thorough examination and their decision may depend on many factors. 

Unfortunately, the embryo cannot be saved, as an ectopic pregnancy needs to be removed before growing too large. 

Medical treatment is possible at the very early stages of an ectopic pregnancy. It involves using methotrexate, which allows the body to absorb the pregnancy tissue and may save the fallopian tube. 

Laparoscopic surgery is needed when the tube is damaged, bleeding or in case there is a high chance of another ectopic pregnancy. The surgeon may remove either the whole fallopian tube or just a part of it, depending on its condition. The treatment options for an ectopic pregnancy depend on many factors and should be decided upon by your gynecologist once your condition is confirmed. 



Ectopic pregnancy: Treatment,

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Ectopic pregnancy,



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