Choosing Underwear According To Your Body Type

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When buying underwear, every woman should remember that bras and panties are first of all for herself. Therefore, underwear should not only be comfortable, practical, and attractive but it should also fit the size and type of your body. Well-chosen underwear will help you to create your desired silhouette and give you a feeling of confidence.

To begin with, we suggest taking a look at the picture below, which presents the most popular models of panties.

We hope that this simple illustration will help you focus on the variety of styles offered by the modern mass market, and that you will be able to choose the one that will best emphasize your advantages and hide your flaws.

1. The ideal body type

Slender girls with smooth body outlines can afford to wear any type of underwear, including thongs. A set of tanga panties and a push-up bra is the simplest, no-lose option.

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2. Wide hips

This body type resembles an hourglass but is characterized by narrow shoulders and a thin waist that make the wide hips look somewhat disproportionate. To create a harmonious silhouette, a woman with this body type should wear a bra with soft cups and narrow slip panties with a low landing.

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3. Bulges on the hips

To hide the so-called ears on your hips, it is recommended that you gchoose neat shorts and bras with molded cups. You should avoid wearing panties that are tighter until you get rid of the annoying bulges on your hips.


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4. Tummy and curvy hips

By choosing the right underwear, you can effectively hide a few extra pounds in your abdomen and thighs. To balance the top and bottom of your body, it is recommended you choose high-waisted wide-side panties and bras with molded cups.

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5. Skinny

Owners of the boyish body type can make their body parts more rounded and attractive with the help of the right underwear. A push-up bra and panties with contrasting color inserts are an excellent solution for creating a curvier silhouette. Seamless underwear can also be very helpful for skinny ladies.

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6. Wide shoulders and large breasts

Owners of the inverted triangle body type, which is characterized by narrow hips and a large top, are highly recommended to choose simple underwear - that is bras and panties without seams and lots of decoration, including large stitching. When choosing bras, give preference to the ones with rigid thin straps and a firm frame.

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7. No waist

Owners of this type of physique can achieve an ideal body shape either by training or buying beautiful underwear. Thongs with ribbons on the sides will visually add volume to your hips and will create the effect of a thin waist. To make your silhouette more balanced, it is recommended to choose bras with molded cups and removable straps.

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8. Chubby

When choosing a bra, owners of plumper bodies should focus on dense products with bones and wide straps. High-waist panties that have a slimming effect are an ideal choice.

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Attractive underwear should not necessarily correspond to the latest trends. After all, your underwear should first of all be comfortable, emphasize the advantages of your body, and hide the flaws. In pursuit of fashion, many ladies forget about their own comfort and often choose fashionable underwear that doesn't suit their body type. Don't forget that the secret of creating a harmonious silhouette lies in choosing bras and panties that best suit your body type.

Sourse: Yulia Morozova, stylist

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