Bye-Bye Back Pain: 7 Tricks For a Healthy Back

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Have you ever experienced that unpleasant pain in your back? That’s right, statistically, 80% of people have back pain at some time in their lives. Sitting is associated with developing the risk of getting lower back pain, which is one of the most expensive disorders worldwide among people who sit a lot at work. 

If you spend 7-8 hours in the office, you’re at risk of developing back pain as a result of your lifestyle. Here are a couple of tips on how to maintain the right posture and sit correctly

  1. Support your lower back with a lumbar roll or rolled-up towel    
  2. Adjust your chair so that the screen is at eye level
  3. Put your feet on the floor, don’t cross your legs
  4. Put the keyboard and mouse in a position, so that your elbows are on the table and your shoulders are resting
  5. Sit at the back of your chair, not the very front of it
  6. Take breaks
  7. Move more 

Remember that if you have a job that involves a lot of sitting, you need to exercise regularly. 





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