9 tips for choosing the right type of period protection for “those days”

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Your period is a time when you need to be protected 24/7 to avoid smelling, leaking, unpleasant sensations, and to ease the overall stress associated with menstrual bleeding. Today there are a number of personal hygiene products to help you get through your period. Choosing the right one for you is a matter of personal choice and a few factors. 

  1. Your lifestyle: whether you ride a bike, move a lot, go to the swimming pool or lake, you may feel more comfortable with cups or tampons

  2. You might feel more comfortable with a tampon or cup inside your cervix, if you don’t - use pads

  3. Always use backup with a panty liner when using a cup or tampon. 

  4. If you’re traveling or doing sports, certainly cups and tampons will be a better choice and more convenient

  5. One-time use tampons and pads are easier to find in stores, drug stores and gas stations. 

  6. Reusable cups should be bought in certain store or online.

  7. Reusable cups are better for the environment and cheaper in general. 

  8. One-time products are better for those who don’t want to insert anything. 

  9. Avoid personal hygiene products that are scented, they may cause allergies and unpleasant feelings in your vagina. 

Here’s how you can choose the right product for you for perfect protection during your period. Keep logging your info with the MIA app to get the best advice from our experts. 


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