9 important tips for maintaining healthy breasts

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It’s great that your breasts are fine!

Here are some tips to ensure your breasts stay healthy for a long time:

  1. Always wear a special sports bra when running, playing team games, doing yoga or working out.
  2. Make sure you don’t hurt your breasts during any activity, including breast self-exams
  3. Keep your breasts moisturized with a cream
  4. Use sunscreen in summer
  5. A healthy diet will help you to keep your breasts healthy.  
  6. Wear the right size and shape of bra
  7. Conduct a monthly self-examination of your breasts
  8. Keep your weight healthy
  9. Massage your breasts.

Your breasts might be amazing at predicting the start of your period, but it doesn’t feel very good. They usually get a little swollen and tender during PMS and menstruation. Breasts also change when you get pregnant. Women who are breastfeeding may experience moderate breast engorgement and discomfort.



70% of women chose bras that are too small, while 10% have bras that are too large, a study by Victoria University has shown.  


Ladies with large breasts are more likely to be wearing incorrectly fitted bras. When your breasts are heavy, it’s important to choose the right support, otherwise the breast tissues and ligaments might stretch and cause pain. This pain affects not only your breasts, but it might also affect your shoulders, neck and even your back. So it’s essential you choose a supportive and sturdy bra to keep your breasts in place.

You can also wear special sports bras for working out and for sleeping.


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