70% of Women Have Breast Pain Because of Their Bra

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All ladies might have breast pain, but not all of them know that this discomfort could be caused by the improper fit of their bras. 80% of women wear bras that are the incorrect size. According to a study of the Victoria University, 70% of ladies chose bras that are too small, while 10% have bras that are too large, and only 20% of women choose the correct size of bras. 

Ladies with large breasts are more likely to be wearing incorrectly fitted bras. When your breasts are heavy, it’s important to choose the right fit of support, otherwise the breast tissues and ligaments might stretch and cause pain. This pain affects not only your breasts, but it might also appear in your shoulders, neck and even back. So it’s necessary to choose a supportive and sturdy bra to keep your breasts in place. You can also wear special sport bras for working out and to bed.

Remember to consult with a doctor if any issues arise. 



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Reviewed by Medical expert Lilit Nasibyan, MD

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