7 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress

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Surviving the holidays can be quite a challenge sometimes, right? Especially when you rush around cleaning, cooking, preparing and doing all those Xmassy things at home. To bust holiday stress, stick to a few simple but useful tips from some nationwide stress experts.

  1. Know your holiday triggers. Financial issues, time management or personal demands can have an impact on you.

  2. A little planning can keep stressful moments at bay.  

  3. Press the Hoku spot on your hand between your thumb and index finger to reduce stress and anxiety.   

  4. Use a citrus scent at home, as it has been proven to improve your mood by producing changes in neurotransmitters.

  5. Reach out to people if you start feeling lonely.

  6. Don’t expect too much from your holidays or family.

  7. Enjoy! Remember that Xmas time is a beautiful time of the year no matter what.


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