7 possible reasons the line on the pregnancy test is faint

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When you take a pregnancy test and have a second line in the result window, but it is quite faded, what should you think? Actually, any type of second line appearing is likely to be a positive result on home pregnancy tests. To be sure, you may want to take another test in 2-3 days. If you are pregnant, then the line should be darker.


Some other possible reasons for a faded line:


1. Low sensitivity of the test

2. You didn’t follow the guidelines of the test, and an evaporation line appeared 

3. Very early pregnancy when the levels of hCG are not as high in your blood 

4. A false positive can also indicate a recent chemical pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, or other type of early pregnancy loss

5. You’re taking the test after an abortion or miscarriage, when the levels of hCG are still present in your blood

6. An ectopic pregnancy that occurs in the fallopian tube

7. Intake of certain meds that may artificially increase the levels of hCG in your blood without a pregnancy 


Keep in mind that your ob-gyn is the only person who can confirm that you are pregnant. If you retake the test in a few days, but the line is still faint and your period is late, see your healthcare provider to find out the possible reason.

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