5 ways period cups are better than tampons or pads

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A menstrual cup is a tiny flexible silicone or rubber cup that collects your menstrual flow. In order for it to work properly, you should stick to the instructions that come with the cup when you buy it.

Most women don’t feel the cup while they are in, although some cups may seem to be bigger than tampons.


You insert the cup in the most comfortable position for you with clean hands. You can sit on the toilet, squat or stand with one leg up, whatever is better for you. Fold or squeeze the cup with your fingers and gently push it into your vagina. Try to feel relaxed, so the muscles ‘there’ don’t make the process uncomfortable. Depending on what it says in the directions for the cup, it may be higher or lower in your vagina. Either way, if you feel uncomfortable, take the cup out and try again. It may take a while to find the best way to insert it if it’s the first time you’re using period cups. If you experience pain during insertion, discuss it with your ob-gyn.


The menstrual cup can be in for 8-12 hours or until it’s full. You can wear pantyliners for a backup.

The cup should be emptied in the bathroom as it is full of blood. You can remove it by the stem or the rim by pulling it with your fingers.  


Empty the cup into the toilet and rinse it when possible. If for some reason it’s impossible, put the empty cup back in and wash it the next time you’re in a comfortable place to do so.


If you’re using disposable cups, wrap them and throw them away in the trash.

You cannot use a cup and a tampon at the same time.


Menstrual cups have specific benefits:

Choosing the right personal hygiene products for your period is important. You could try all of the available options and then make your choice. Keep logging your details with the MIA app.


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