12 Common Reasons For Vaginal Itching To Happen

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Vaginal itching, also known as vaginitis, is often a reason for concern, as it signifies some abnormal processes in the woman’s body and requires medical examination. Itching in the vagina or surrounding areas is usually a sign of infection or hormonal disbalance. 

As the vagina becomes inflamed, it causes unpleasant sensations in the area, accompanied by pain and odor. 

The most common reasons for vaginal itching are:

  1. Yeast infection
  2. STDs (gonorrhea, chlamydia, or trichomoniasis)
  3. Bacterial vaginosis
  4. Antibiotics and steroids
  5. Menopause or low estrogen levels
  6. Foreign objects 
  7. IUD for birth control
  8. Tight-fitting or damp clothing
  9. Allergy to chemicals in creams, ointments, etc.  
  10. Desquamative vaginitis or lichen planus
  11. Cancer (vaginal, cervical)  
  12. Diabetes

If you have any of the above, seek medical help. 





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