About MIA Fem

Help, Tips and Expert Advice to Improve All Aspects of Women’s Lives

Meet MIA, your personal innovative period tracker and assistant for daily life. It’s a highly accurate and 100% free app to guide you every day of your cycle. It’s a fertility and ovulation tracker, a menstrual calendar, an overall menstrual cycle tracker, and so much more. Everything you needed to know about female health and your own cycle is now available in interactive form. Now you can easily keep a log of your health status and use interactive stickers to track your daily activity.

Mia is also a personalized content delivery service equipped with a friendly chatbot. You’ll have access to articles created by medical professionals and receive daily advice based on your personal preferences.

MIA will help you:

  • Keep track of your menstrual cycle. You’ll get a notification two days prior to your next menstruation.
  • Monitor your fertility and hormone levels. Mia will inform you of ovulations and the peak of your fertility.
  • Use interactive stickers to log your mood, weight, menstruation, sexual activity, birth control, daily activity, and basal temperature.
  • Receive daily advice from our health experts.
  • Explore informative content created by gynecologists, dieticians, stylists, and family psychologists.

What makes MIA special:

  • A friendly and helpful chatbot assistant who knows everything about women’s health. It can guide you through expert content to find exactly what you need and it can provide personalized advice as well.
  • A highly accurate algorithm that tracks everything you log in your profile and provides useful recommendations the more you use the MIA period and ovulation tracker
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